Flexible Metal Phone Stand with 360 Rotating Foldable

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Flexible Metal Material | 360 Rotation | | Portable - Foldable | 
Gooseneck Long Arm Clip Compatible with All Mobile Phones Size Up to 6.0" Inch

Color : Black

Magnet : No

Material : Metal

Mount Type : Clip

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Rotation : 360°

Scratch Proof : No

Suitable For : Others

The flexible metal lazy mobile holder is a versatile and convenient accessory designed to securely hold and support your mobile device in various positions. Here is a detailed description :  

Material :  

The holder is constructed from high-quality, durable, and flexible metal materials. This ensures both strength and flexibility for easy adjustment and long-term use.

Flexibility :  

The metal arm of the holder is highly flexible, allowing it to bend and twist to different angles and positions. This flexibility enables you to adjust your mobile device to the perfect viewing angle for optimal comfort and convenience.

Lazy Design :  

The "lazy" design implies that the holder is suitable for use in relaxed or reclined positions. It is perfect for watching videos, reading, or browsing the internet while lying in bed or sitting on a couch.

360-Degree Rotation :  

The holder typically features a 360-degree rotation function, allowing you to switch between portrait and landscape modes effortlessly. This feature enhances the versatility of the holder, accommodating various activities and preferences.

Stability :  

Despite its flexibility, the metal arm provides stability and a secure grip on your mobile device. This ensures that your phone stays in place without wobbling or slipping during use.

Compatibility :  

The holder is designed to be universally compatible with most mobile devices, including

Country of Origin : India

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Flexible Metal Phone Stand with 360 Rotating Foldable
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